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Role - Redesign, UX, UI 
Year - 2022

About the project

TechnoNIKOL is a Russian company, a manufacturer of roofing, waterproofing and heat-insulating materials. It owns factories in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Italy, Poland, Great Britain and Germany, as well as scientific divisions, representative offices and training centers.

Every year, TechnoNicol loses about 70 hours due to incorrect product architecture.

These losses have a negative impact on work and customer relationships, as well as reduce the level of performance of operators.


I led the design of the pickup experience between October 2022  and collaborated with two other designers 

In addition, I worked alongside a Researcher /Analyst,Architector  and Product Owner.


Redesign the user interaction system with the operator (move from 1s to an optimal web application)

Completion of the connecting service of interaction with clients

Design system

An optimal design system was created and worked out for comfortable user interaction, while not affecting the quality of the internal portal. (The colors and style of the elements were compared based on the previous brand book of the company)

In addition, I worked alongside a Researcher /Analyst and Product Managers.

Task tracker 

The original idea of ​​the task tracker was to create something like a kanban board. But after conducting high-quality A/B research and interviews, we refused to give out in the form of boards.

Case: “Morning of OKS manager”


Calculation of the cost of goods and servicesCalculation of the cost of goods and services

Entered data

Checked the correctness of the entered data

Transport check

Transport (indicated transport (either the client will indicate, or on experience, depending on the volume \ type of loading is often lateral, but depends on the nomenclature) / Application to the planner

Thread or smart chats

Communication system between user-operator and other entities by means of creating topics for dialogue


For storing transaction documentation

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